obama nation or abomination

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Those are the two competing perspectives. It says a lot about where the USA is at, and where it is headed in the days to come  It should be said though that those who support the new president are being positive, and forward looking. Those who do not support President Obama are being negative and whining a good deal. Draw your own conclusions.

While the media treats the economy like it treated the Iraq war – swallowing disinformation whole -there’s also plenty of advice for the new President floating around. What not to do, what to do. There’s hopeful statements that look forward to success, and statements hoping for failure. (Hard to believe, but true.)

And, there’s a lot of petty nonsense being proffered as well. A lot.

It’s important to remember a few things: If we are going to climb out of the hole we are in, we have to be united. We can’t do it splintered. Yet, there are factions among us who plan to do nothing but stoke partisan divisions. They aren’t interested in solutions, only power, and the way they obtain power is by creating hatred, fear and divisiveness. It’s what they do. They know nothing else. They are incapable of seeing past their hatred and ideological blinders.

After 9/11 George W. Bush had a golden ticket to unite and rally the nation behind him. But, he and his Administration and the GOP chose instead to divide the nation through fear, intimidation and disinformation in order to solidify power. They chose bipartisan bully tactics  rather than solve problems. They chose to dismantle government, and when that government was needed to do the peoples work (Katrina for starters) it was unable to do the work. And, today, we need the government to work.

So, the road ahead is pretty plain: Those that do not join the discussion, engage the process and participate should have the temerity to take the bench. But, they do not. So, they must be marginalized, because that is the only language they understand. If you don’t have the intelligence and insight to pull yourself from the game when you’ve fumbled the last two plays and it’s 4th and long, the coach will do it for you.

That’s life. And, whining about it only solidifies just how incompetent and marginal you’ve become. So, bitch away. We’re listening.

And, when you’re ready to rejoin the world of ideas, problem solving, non-partisan discussion and negotiation, and hard work that lay ahead, we’ll welcome you back.

But, no one is holding their breath.

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make that monkey tail twitch

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Paranoia is meant to be managed, and knowledge helps maintain a healthy perspective on paranoia inducing information…. some links to kick start your heart this cold day.

  • Facebook’s onwers aren’t necessarily who you think. My feeling on this is simple: I don’t care who knows what I think. It’s out there. But, personal information should be personal, so be careful what information you make available. Common sense.
  • The corporation that can monitor peoples biological and emotional responses for it’s own use is the stuff of science fiction, or is it?
  • Not that any thinking person needs to have further evidence that Jonah Goldberg is a twit, (old news) but Dave Niewert does a fine job of making that point whilst also educating about Leo Frank. A must read. Read More
  • Why New Orleans still suffers…

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    You think these two items are connected?

    The Times Picayune reports that FEMA may have actually authorized insurance companies to overbill:

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency may have told the insurance industry that it was OK to load up damages on the taxpayer-funded flood program while shorting people on their wind damage payments.

    In the now controversial Sept. 21, 2005 memo explaining the expedited flood adjustment procedures that were developed in consultation with private insurance companies, flood program director David Maurstad said:

    “FEMA will not seek reimbursement from the company when a subsequent review identifies overpayments resulting from the company’s proper use of FEMA depth data and a reasonable method of developing square foot value in concluding claims.”

    Not “if” a subsequent review identifies overpayments, but “when” a subsequent review identifies overpayments.

    Keep in mind, this is taxpayer money that is being spent.

    Then comes this from the Sun-Herald:

    The cash-strapped city of New Orleans is turning to foreign countries for help to rebuild as federal hurricane-recovery dollars remain slow to flow.

    Kenya Smith, director of intergovernmental relations for Mayor Ray Nagin, said city leaders are talking with more than five countries. He wouldn’t identify the countries, saying discussions were in the early stages. But he said the city is “very serious” about pursuing foreign help.

    “Of course, we would love to have all the resources we need from federal and state partners, but we’re comfortable now in having to be creative,” Smith said. He did not know if the city would have to overcome any obstacles if it got firm pledges for aid, but “we want to make sure we’re leaving no options unexplored.”

    For months Nagin has complained bureaucracy is choking the flow of much-needed federal aid dollars to New Orleans – slowing the city’s recovery. As of June 8, the city said it had received just over half of the $320 million FEMA has obligated for rebuilding city infrastructure and emergency response-related costs. The city has estimated its damage at far more than that – at least $1 billion. And that doesn’t include other improvements – such as raised neighborhoods – meant to help build the stronger city promoted by Nagin and his recovery director.

    Now of course, I’m all for any and all aid – foreign or domestic – to get the job done and get New Orleans back on track. But, that said, it’s interesting that the federal money is a mess and not flowing and the need to go for foreign aid has become required.

    Do the math.

    I think we are in fact on our way to getting on top of the whole Katrina exercise.” –Vice President Dick Cheney, Sept. 10, 2005

    “I believe the town where I used to come – from Houston, Texas, to enjoy myself, occasionally too much – will be that very same town, that it will be a better place to come to.” –President Bush, on the tarmac at the New Orleans airport, Sept. 2, 2005 (Source)

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    Mr. Bill’s Hurricane

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    Even Mr. Bill knew that New Orleans wasn’t safe from a hurricane.

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