the cosmic dance

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Via Ari Wallach… ever wonder what it would look like if a planet killing asteroid hit the Earth? Well, now you can watch a CGI rendering of it, accompanied by Pink Floyd’s The Great Gig in the Sky. Beautiful, terrifying. Love it.

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odetta flies away

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The great Odetta passed away. Her impact and her talent is pretty difficult to quantify in mere words. So, I won’t try. Best to just let the music do the talking.

Was lucky enough to catch her a couple of times. Great simply doesn’t suffice. Here’s Water Boy from a 60’s television appearance.

The New York Times has a nice retrospective up… worth watching.

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let your freak flag fly

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For Schmulik on a cold Tuesday. Great song by CSNY. The first time I heard this song, (really listened to it) was sometime in the early 80’s, I had my first Walkman, and was standing in the rain waiting for the bus. I can still see the headlights reflecting off the shimmering wet street…

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heart attack & vine

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Screamin’ Jay Hawkins covers Tom Waits’ classic Heart Attack & Vine… One of the greatest songs ever…

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sweet virginia

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The Rolling Stones, from one of the great rock and roll movies ever… Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones… I saw it for the first time when I was 18 at the now gone 8th Street Playhouse, where the Rocky Horror Picture Show (yup, saw it there too.) became famous

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crying shame

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Jack Johnson, via You Tube… Lyrics below the quote and the video. (Chose one of the videos without all the war images. The lyrics convey the point fine.) Have had this album for a few years now and it just seems to get better….

I had a few of the lines for it here and there. But what really inspired me to write the rest of it was an interview with Kurt Vonnegut I read where he was asked if he felt that the leaders of today – cultural, political, and artistic – were being responsible to their society. And he had this line that I thought was great where he said, ‘Forget about society. What about humanity in general?’ And so that was the idea for the song. The first line is, ‘By now we should know how to communicate instead of coming to blows.’ It just seems that in this day and age with email and telephones, it’s crazy how we still have wars. It seems that everything should be able to be worked out through a conversation by now, if there’s just a little bit of compassion on every side. – Jack Johnson

It’s such a tired game
Will it ever stop?
How will this all play
Out of sight out of mind.

By now we should know how to communicate
Instead of coming to blows, We’re on a roll
And there ain’t no stopping us now
We’re burning under control
Isn’t it strange how we’re all
Burning under the same sun?

Buy now and save, it’s a war for peace
It’s the same old game
But do we really want to play?
We could close our eyes it’s still there

We could say it’s us against them
We could try but nobody wins

Gravity has got a hold on us all
We could try to put it out

But it’s a growing flame
Using fear as fuel
Burning down our name
And it won’t take too long
Words all burn the same
And who are we going to blame now?

It’s such a crying, crying, crying shame

By now it’s beginning to show
A number of people are numbers that ain’t coming home
I could close my eyes it’s still there
Close my mind be alone
I could close my heart and not care
But gravity has got a hold on us all

It’s a terrific price to pay
But in the true sense of the word
Are we using what we’ve learned?
In the true sense of the word
Are we losing what we were?

It’s such a tired game
Will it ever stop?
It’s not for me to say
Is it in our blood
Or is it just our fate?
And how will this all play
out of sight, out of mind
Who are we going to blame all in all?

It’s such a crying, crying, crying shame

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meet the new boss same as the old boss

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Great acoustic version of Won’t Get Fooled Again by Pete Townsend.

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ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken

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This is for Schmulik.

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beatles break

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you’ve got to hide your love away, from the movie Help!

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on the music side…

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Jerry Wexler passed away.

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between the bars

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A lot of people know this song from the movie Good Will Hunting. It surprised me when I saw the film and it was in there with “Miss Misery“, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song and I thought: “Wow, Elliot Smith is going to be a star.” But, it never really happened. Probably best that way. But, I really miss listening and knowing what music he would have written. He was a great American songwriter… Always thought this was the better song though…

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I Met the Walrus

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Amazing how something forty-years old is completely relevant today. An interesting recorded interview with John Lennon made into a short film. (c/o Jenny Eliscu)

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God is a concept by which we measure our pain

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An alternate version of “God” by John Lennon, from the Plastic Ono Band album. It has almost a country gospel feel to it. The final version is full tilt gospel. Watched a documentary about the making of the album. It was recorded live, as a trio – Lennon, Ringo Starr on drums and Klaus Vormann on drums. (Billy Preston sat in on piano as well on the final version of this song.)

Ringo noted that his drumming on this is mostly fills, none of them the same. You get a real feel for the immediacy and the emotions that Lennon was going for… Pretty amazing… He was moving on from it all.

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Had meant to post this video… Bo Diddley passed away two weeks ago… Watch the video. And, yes, that’s James Brown doing the intro…

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the boss and escovedo

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Nice video of Springsteen and Alejandro Escovedo performing “Always a Friend”.

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