The MediaSquat: Michael Jackson Almost Crashed the Internet

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A segment that I wrote and produced for The Media Squat with Douglas Rushkoff on WFMU 91.1 FM on Michael Jackson as media star and hacker.

During the show, Douglas has an interesting conversation with Paul Krassner that touches on how issue oriented satire has changed over time from Lenny Bruce to Jon Stewart, conspiracy theories in the real world and Krassner’s new book Who’s to Say What’s Obscene:Politics, Culture & Comedy in America Today.

Please listen to the entire show.  The segment below runs five minutes.

Mp3 file located at Internet Archive

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I put a spell on you

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A lot of musicians have covered this Screamin’ Jay Hawkins classic. And, his original is hard to beat, although it feels a little novelty like.  Nina Simone gives it a go and nails it as always.

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500 miles

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Peter, Paul and Mary….

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space oddity

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Original version of song and video for Bowie’s classic, from the promo film “Love You Til Tuesday“. I love the camera work in it. And, the design is a lot of fun. One of my favs.

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webuzz: ted hope, yoko ono…

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A few links worth sharing….

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beck covers velvet underground & nico

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The entire album is here… Awesome. (via Julian Sanchez)

Here’s Black Angel’s Death Song:

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico “Black Angel’s Death Song” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

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mello cello

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mello cello:

What I see in NYC. Sunday in the Park.

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little girl blue

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Janis Joplin for a sunny saturday.

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How long shall they kill our prophets…

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… While we stand aside and look?

Via Ecochickie, reminded that it’s Bob Marley’s birthday. A little Redemption Song for good measure. Still relevant after all these years. Amazing.

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surrender… dislocate…

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Hump day music video. “Bad” by U2 from 1985. For Tim.

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u2 at the lincoln memorial

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It was kind of cool to see the boys from Dublin up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial playing “Pride (in the name of love)” and “City of Blinding Lights” at the pre-inauguration event, televised on HBO. Pretty amazing performance, considering how cold it was… The juxtaposition of a rock band in front of so many flags feels a little jingoistic, but it’s great television… and catch what Bono says about the dream towards the end…. classic.

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blast from the past: judee sill

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From Mark via comments, something I’ve not seen since it was originally aired. (I think. Or later reruns maybe.) Blew my mind. Judee Sill, The Kiss.

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the word is getting out…

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…about control. The Who. Relay, from Old Grey Whistle Test. One of the best shows ever. Jump around on the bed.

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gone but not forgotten

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Auld Lang Syne from Waterloo Bridge with Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. For all those we’ve lost this year. Good bye. To the New Year ahead. Welcome.

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stand by me

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The great Ben E. King tune, from around the world. Brilliant. From

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