No more landmines

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A dumpster in midtown Manhattan filled with rolls of stickers for No More Landmines. It seemed sad, ironic, and wasteful. Although, it is my understanding that the campaign was a great success. And, so it goes…
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webuzz: obama, eco news and more….

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  • Obama is going to announce his VP choice soon, if you believe what you read. My guess is it’s going to be someone not on the “short list” we’ve been hearing so much about from the media. But, everyone’s buzzing like bees to honey. The gossip quotiant is stifling.
  • Ever heard of triclosan? Well, it’s in a ton of things that may be in your body or in your home or both. And, it’s a toxin. Go read about it over at Eco-Chick.
  • Obama stepped in the eliminationalist trap.
  • The decay of the free thinking press in the land of the free.
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    the green the bad and the ugly

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    A few from Starre… my fav Eco chick.

    She has a new book out. Get it now. Thank you. Come again.

    Finally, go green with Twitter…

    Just watch your back. We live in uncertain times. And, I’m not talking about getting blown away by some sicko dip wad while eating your ding dong at the school cafeteria, but that sucks too.

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    eco chick tips

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    Starre was on Fox a few weeks ago offering some good eco information. Check it out. Really cool.

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