who would Jesus kill?

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“Gandhi famously said: First, they ignore you. Then, they ridicule you. Then, they fight you. Then, you win.”

Sara at Ornicus breaks down the Christianist killers killing “baby killers” issue…

Real world ramfications….

Digby spells it out for us

It’s important to rmember that the person who killed Tiller is playing G-d. Literally sees himself as having the power of life and death, and righteously weilds that power. He’s shit house Charles Manson variety crazy. Guaranteed.

So, why would anyone want to actually make excuses for such behavior?

I’ll give Bill O’Reilly the benefit of the doubt. We’ll see what he says. But, I’d lay good money that he’s going to obfuscate and back pedal and make excuses without ever actually admitting that he may actually be responsible for helping to foster the hatred that killed Tiller.

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