Gingrich invokes Daffy Duck Defense against North Korea

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“That’s the last straw! Now I use my secret weapon!”

From Raw Story:

Only hours after North Korea launched a rocket, Newt Gingrich was on television saying the United States should have preemptively attacked the nuclear-armed country – with an electromagnetic pulse.

“We do not appreciate the scale of threat that is evolving on the planet,” the former House Speaker said on Fox News Sunday. “And North Korea is a totally irresponsible dictatorship run by a person who is clearly out of touch with reality.” […]

Pressed by Fox host Chris Wallace, Gingrich mentioned a few preemptive possibilities for stopping North Korean: “There are three or four techniques that could have been used, from unconventional forces to standoff capabilities… I’d recommend look[ing] at electromagnetic pulse…which changes every equation about how risky these weapons are.”

An electromagnetic pulse is a short, high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy which can damage electronic and electrical equipment.

Here’s an explanation of the technology. Interesting choice of words: “out of touch with reality”.

Gingrich is essentially offering a form of mutually assured destruction, since the US has nuclear devices, and it is widely believed that North Korea does as well.  As if simply attacking a crazy despot won’t provoke him to use his nukes. Gingrich then goes on to predict the outcome of his own tactic, without actually realizing it:

“One morning, just like 9/11, there’s gonna be a disaster,” the former Georgia congressman said. “And people are going to look around and say ‘Gosh, why didn’t anyone think of that?’ Well I’m telling you, the time to think about it is before the disaster, and not after.”

All too eerily familiar. Witness the Daffy Duck Defense:

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