blogroll amnesty day!

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We’ve come to that time of year when we celebrate the web traffic challenged amongst us, and we spread the love. What’s it all about? As Jon Swift puts it, Blog Amnesty Day is…

” a day when we salute all of the great smaller blogs that don’t get the recognition they deserve. […] So skippy the bush kangaroo and this modest blogger, with help from Blue Gal and many of our friends in blogtopia (a word I believe skippy coined back when blogs were still being etched on clay tablets) decided to turn this day on its head and transform what had been an attempt by some A-list bloggers to shut out the smaller blogs into a celebration of all the great talent that is just waiting to be discovered out there. Now it has become an annual tradition.”

Head on over to my Blog Amnesty page, and click on a blog you’ve never read. Go say hi.

I’ll be adding to that list all week, so if you want to be added, leave a comment.

The list of blogs I am promoting today:

Motorman Mark
The Wacky World of Food
Orthodox Anarchist
Justin Ligreci
Julian Sanchez

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