using 9/11 as political fodder at the RNC

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The RNC video “tribute” to 9/11. With Obermann’s reaction, and he hits it on the head.


Note the scary music (juxtaposed with schmaltzy music) with clean and dirty images and the jingoistic narration. Walter Lippman would be proud. My comments follow.

What occurred on 9/11 is not for sale. It’s not an event that is to be used for political posturing, most especially by a group of American extremists who would use it to proffer the most un-American of ideas: if you disagree with us you are the enemy.

The video is propaganda meant to promote fear not only of terrorism, but of any political opposition. Taken in context with the many speeches at the RNC, the only
conclusion that can be made is that Conservatives see political opposition and those who were responsible for 9/11 as one and the same.

It’s all a ruse to continue their goal of one party rule. The most un-American thing I can think of…

What about you?

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