anthrax once again and again and again

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At the time, it seemed to me odd timing that the government was so willing to consider the case closed against Bruce Ivins who had just died days before. Those close to him felt the same. Prudence would suggest, nay demand, that investigators act otherwise. But, as we’ve all learned, this administration knows not the meaning of that word, and shit flows downhill… It’s just easier to control the flow of information that way. And, that’s what is happening. Obviously, something is amiss… what… who knows. But, the bottom line is that American made anthrax was used in a terrorist attack that took lives, and that attack was more than likely planned and conducted by an American/s. And, that should put a lump in your throat.

Tom Dashle seems to have doubts as well… This is one of those cases that five years from now the internet will be full of conspiracy theorists proporting to prove that Dick Cheney poisoned Ivins with a blow dart gun, complete with blurry 8×10 glossies and red arrows pointing to blotches.

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