petition day

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Because I know Joey Lib loves petitions so much, here’s two:

Via Mobius… Go put your name down as being in support of beginning impeachment of Bush. Yes, it’s a long shot, yes complicit democrats are on the record as stating that they do not support the prosecution of Bush or Administration members for possible criminal acts, but it’s important nonetheless.

Via Skippy… Oldy McOld gets a free pass from the “liberal press”?

via c&l, help media matters hold the press accountable for their obvious mclame man-love:

sign the petition.

remember, the center for media affairs at george mason university found that obama got far more negative press on the big three networks than mcsame (72% negative for obama to 57% negative for mclame).

In the least, you’ll have a nice thick file of your doings at Homeland Security.

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