the obama is the antichrist list

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The wingnut faithful have been amassing a pretty impressive list of what they see as “proof” that Barack Obama is evil incarnate. It’s the usual exercise in what the right wing does best: fear mongering. The concept that Obama is the “antichrist” has been a popular meme for awhile.

It’s rather fascinating, because they can’t go after Obama for being a man of color, (at least not directly, but there are those who do.) so they pretty much throw the kitchen sink at him. Race is always implied and under the surface. The end run on attacking Obama is overkill of the highest order to be sure. And, most of it is guilt by association or basic “Obama is: “——” unless he can prove he is not.” An essential part of the right wing smear machine’s arsenal of propaganda weapons.

So, I’ve decided to keep a running list of it all. Just for fun.

I’m no doubt missing a lot of great examples, so, if you have any, please leave them in the comments with supporting links. Thanks.

Obama is:

  • An implied drunk who has “fallen off the wagon” with… cigarettes.
  • A Marxist.
  • A dictator in waiting.
  • Not a “real” American because:
    – may have been born in Kenya.
    – middle name might be “Muhammad” and not “Hussein”.
    – middle name is “Hussein“.
    – first name was changed from “Barry” to “Barack”, not because he decided he wanted to change to reflect his pride in his ancestry, but to hide something nefarious.
  • Is a Muslim.
  • Is a Muslim Apostate.
  • Is a terrorist.
  • Is a “Manchurian Candidate“.
  • Is Jimmy Carter. (Proposal and in Practice.)
  • Is “naive“.
  • Is “corrupt“.
  • Was “too girl crazy” as a youth.
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