all the media madness you can stand

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all kinds of media mayhem swirling around the dead corpse of reality:

  • Seems that child TV star Miley Cyrus, who is 15 years-old, has been used and abused by the adults around her, and everyone is blaming her for it, or each other, except for Jamie Lee Curtis, who knows a thing or two about this stuff. It pretty pathetic that people feign outrage that a 15 year-old girl showed some skin in an industry that literally thrives and survives on it. You can’t have it both ways people. Get a grip.

    Oh wait. I forgot where we were… And, of course, there’s just oodles of money to be made. Feh.

  • It appears that a Hillary Clinton supporter at the National Press Club may have helped facilitate the Jeremiah Wright appearance. And, considering that Hillary has secured the endorsement of Satan’s personal ball washer Richard Mellon Scaife and has actually sat down for an interview with America’s Own Adulterous and Sexual Harassment poster boy, the Falafel himself, the cretin of all media, Bill O’Rielly, I feel completely comfortable saying that it official: Hillary Clinton has gone to the dark side. The appearance on O’Rielly is a completely obvious attempt to keep the Wright issue afloat. And, of course, Fox is more than willing to assist, since they want her to be the nominee and go agasint McCain in the fall.

    Add to this the fact that Rush Limbaugh is supporting her candidacy and it leads yours truly to to surmise that the Clinton campaign is either colluding with three of the most fascistic elements in the right wing echo chamber, or she’s being used by them. Personally, I think it’s the latter. Conservatives are scared of Obama. They don’t know how to beat him. They’ve wanted Hillary as the nominee for years. They feel they can beat her hands down.

    So, the Clinton campaign: Gone to the dark side or dupes?

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