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Yes, even a good fiction writer couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • Behaving eerily like Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton goes after, the group that was founded to defend her husband, the former President, against impeachment during his second term. When you are breaking rules that have become cliches, such as “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” it is probably safe to say that your campaign is in trouble.
  • The Hollywood Reporter seems to think it’s news that a reality show – get this – might not be reality. Fishy editing practices? The pretense that reality shows are real is like believing that the WWF is real. Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels (a lie detector test? AHAHAHAHA.) and his appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice saw to that. Not to mention The Two Coreys, a show so badly faked even the canned hams at TMZ weren’t fooled. Pretending otherwise is just plain stupid. Masquerading as a “documentary” reality show doesn’t give you a free pass either.
  • McCain campaign plays the Obama is a terrorist card. Good doggies. People who believe this stuff are probably the same people who believe that The Two Coreys is real.
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