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  • The Putz Glenn Reynolds attempts what appears to be his usual back handed compliment regarding the left, Obama and the race card:

    Interesting Obama defense from this commenter. The Obama campaign needs more of this stuff, and less of the calling people racist. Here’s a bit: “One of my roomies — total arch conservative — was on law review with him, and said he was a totally great guy. I think one of the reasons is that he treats everyone with respect and consideration. he treats conservatives as friends he disagrees with, not as satanic enemies like Hillary and most of the left do. And that matters a lot.” Again, the Obama campaign should remember this and not rise to Hilary’s bait, which is predicated on making him come across like a traditional Angry Black Candidate.

    Note that middle bit there in quotes. “he treats conservatives as friends he disagrees with, not as satanic enemies like Hillary and most of the left do. And that matters a lot.”

    It’s a bit hard to stomach this being pointed out by the king of calling all lefties evil based upon the words or actions of a few for a good number of years now. Ward Churchill anyone? It’s been a systematic tactic of Reynolds and other propagandists of the right to label the left everythiing from lunatics to unhinged to mentally unstable.

    Glenn is playing a disinformation game here anyway. It’s called “call Obama for REACTING to others playing the race card.” Which is exactly the strategy that the Clinton campaign pushes. Because it’s lose lose for the Obama campaign. They lose if they respond in any way (reacting to thus playing the race card in the eyes of those with no real critical thinking such as Reynolds) and they lose if they don’t respond.

    And note, it goes without comment from Glenn that Ferraro’s comments were indeed racist. He lets a link speak for him. He leads this particular post off with a link to a WSJ piece that proffers that Ferraro may be right! It never occurs to Gleen that the WSJ is supporting racist statements, just as his hypocrisy supports disinformation and scapegoating of those who don’t agree with him. A close cousin to racism to be sure, since it’s a form of eliminationsim. He’s blind to the intellectual conflict that exists therein… It’s what makes him the Putz.

    Glenn should just take a break. His game is way off. Is it me or as his influence and reach been marginalized to the point of being the internet version of a half filled balloon floating in the corner of the room?

  • Logan Murphy over at Crooks and Liars has the video of Keith Obermann’s latest special comment wherein he chastises Hillary Clinton for her dumpster diving tactics and more…
  • Via Avedon, The Rude One has a few choice words to offer regarding the Elliot Spitzer mess. A few thoughts on that: The manner in which the NY Times and a number of others have so easily and eagerly slipped into gossip Page Six mode is a bit distressing. The focus has become almost entirely about the sex and the identity and life of the prostitute, rather than the legal issues. Telling to be sure.
    It’s emblematic of the downward spiral that has crippled media ethics and the investigative process the past several years. The real story here is how the information went from investigation to press, and what laws if any were really broken by Spitzer, and the legal hand wringing and negotiating struggle that is ongoing at this moment. But, finding information on that is difficult when there is snark to be written about the hookers rap music offerings on her MySpace page. And, people wonder why the US is in such deep trouble. It’s called an idiot wind.

    Digby’s dday agrees.

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