brainwreck for the masses

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  • While the news media that is given the Constitutional right and power to report on the facts in order to insure that the government is indeed doing the peoples business is trying to land that juicy scoop interview with the young woman who was Elliot Spitzer’s side dish… the work of the government suffers. Imagine that.
  • Bush speaks and the hits just keep coming. If this guy were a Vegas act they’d have yanked his ass off the stage a year ago and he’d be detailing cub caps at the car wash where he belongs. No sharp objects within reach.
  • Blue Texan over at InstaPutz writes:

    Wingnuts outraged over pastor’s comments!!!!11!11!

    Because he’s connected to Obama.

    Nevermind that Pat, who endorsed Rudy, and Jerry, whose ring St. McCain kissed, and Hagee, who endorsed St. McCain, all said the same thing years ago. I guess that’s different, since they’re all white evangelical Republicans.

    Meanwhile, Putz is linking to garbage like the National Enquirer.

    These people are truly soulless.

    It’s enough to make you… bang your head.

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