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If ever there was a metaphor for the Bush Administration, this would be it…

Heard the story about Dubya’s reworking the meaning of a painting he had in his office when he was Governor of Texas to his own meaning? Jim Hightower goes over it… not difficult to believe, and not the first such story about President Dubya of this nature to surface.

It’s just monumentally sad, for Bush, and for us. The American people wanted a president that they felt was one of them, that they could have a beer with.

They got it. Too bad he’s an arrogant, ignorant boob to boot.

The recent story on this is in Harper’s which has a good bundle of links following this meme back a few years, including what is apparently the original one, from 2004. (Scroll down mid page to “GEORGE W. BUSH, ART CRITIC”.

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