of shock, 9/11 conspiracies and morals

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Sorry for the radio silence. Been a bit busy with life stuff and preparing research for a book / documentary project. But, I’m reading a great deal… So, I’ll share:

  • Naomi Klein has a new book out, it’s titled The Shock Doctrine and it explores a topic near and dear, which is that the overuse of fear tactics by media and gevernment is creating an atmosphere of “collective shock”. It’s brilliant, timely and important stuff. Read an extract.
  • Friend Douglas Rushkoff has a new article up over at Arthur and it’s a doozy concerning his take on the 9/11 “truth” movement. My two cents: 9/11 was an accident waiting to happen. Watch The Man Who Knew for starters… I’ll blog on this when I have more time, but my feeling is that if anything it’s a matter of incompetence and hubris. Whowouldathunk it?
  • Vaclav Havel has an op-ed in the New York Times titled Our Moral Footprint, and like all of his words, it goes right to the point and raises the stakes. In this case, his concern is that:

    We can’t endlessly fool ourselves that nothing is wrong and that we can go on cheerfully pursuing our wasteful lifestyles, ignoring the climate threats and postponing a solution. Maybe there will be no major catastrophe in the coming years or decades. Who knows? But that doesn’t relieve us of responsibility toward future generations.

    Read the entire thing.

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