Conservatives swallow Bin Laden propaganda whole…

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… because it serves their political hate agenda. The goods:

America’s Public Enemy #1, the Al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden, released a propaganda tape today which put forth a number of points, all obviously meant to push one agenda or another, much of it also obviously specifically created to divide the American people. It’s not a new trick to be sure. Nor is it new that the right wing extremists fall for it. lock stock and barrel yet again!

Odd, wouldn’t you say, that the right wing finds it perfectly acceptable to use the propaganda of America’s Number One Enemy to further their own domestic political propaganda?

Permanent propaganda victim Gateway Pundit sums up the wingnut love for Osama bin Laden best:

US Is Holding Copy of Bin Laden Tape— HE SLAMS DEMS!!

You can just taste the glee. I’d say that the G Pundit owes Bin Laden a box of chocolates this holiday.

To my mind, it’s not surprising in the least. The extreme right is a hornet’s next of traitors and arrogant mental pre-pubescents who led the vocal charge for this war (and Bin Laden’s head on a plate) in the process blindly supporting an ill advised and ill planned policy and war plans that many of us understood from the beginning were badly conceived. The results are plain as day for all to see.

Saying so as we did at the time resulted in being called unAmerican traitors by right extremists, yet now, they actually help to propel Bin Laden’s propaganda message of hate, to assist its purpose to divide the American people. They are aiding Bin Laden’s message and his fight to divide America.

If that isn’t treason, then what is?

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