wingut world continues losing streak with Gore’s fish and Kirsten’s kaffyeh

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Consider this: You’re a member of an ideological group that controlled Congress from 1994 to 2006 and the Presidency for 19 of the past 27 years. The past six years were the first time you controlled both Congress and the Presidency in generations and it’s all been a triumphant disaster. A total washout that has resulted in the loss of that control of Congress and the earliest start in a presidential election in the history of the nation. Your team is a bottom feeder. A loser. What would you do? Focus on mundane gossip and try to turn it into propaganda and get that wrong too! Seems wingnuts these days are so filled with hatred for anything and everything, they get the facts screwed up a bit. But, hey… hate is hate, right?

A right wing shill “reports” (regurgitates gossip from People magazine actually) that the fish served at Al Gore’s daughters wedding is on the endangered species list, and thus that proves that Gore (and by proxy all Liberals) is a hypocrit. This of course, is spread around the right wing nut sphere like a Paris Hilton neddid video and it’s fact in mere moments. Now, in the world of adults, such a “story” should be confirmed, right? Right. As any intrepid reporter could find out with a phone call…. and did:

… the fish enjoyed by the Gores were not endangered or illegally caught.

Rather, the restaurant later confirmed, they had come from one of the world’s few well-managed, sustainable populations of toothfish, and caught and documented in compliance with Marine Stewardship Council regulations.

Smelling something fishy about this fish story, Tim Lambert at Deltoid nails this one to the floor with the hammer of truth:

How did the story get from People into an Australian tabloid? And how did it get from there to Jake Tapper?

I did a Factiva search and found that this was the first time that the Daily Telegraph had ever printed an opinion piece from the Humane Society International, so I called Rebecca Keeble and asked her about the genesis of the piece. It seems that the first she heard about the matter was when she was contacted by the Daily Telegraph, told that Gore had served Chilean sea bass, and was invited to write an opinion piece. She didn’t want to tell me who it was who commissioned the piece, but it’s not hard to figure out. You see, the opinion editor of the Daily Telegraph is Gore-hater Tim Blair. He first blogged about the story here. Then he contacted Keeble and put her opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph. Next he put up a post linking to Keeble’s piece. Then it was picked by Glenn Reynolds and Matt Drudge who can be relied upon to run with any anti-Gore story they come across. Once Drudge had linked it, Tapper knew it was OK for him to run with the story. And that’s how it’s done.

This isn’t the first time that Blair has used his position as opinion editor at the Daily Telegraph to advance his own personal agenda. See this post from Irfan Yusuf, on how Blair told Yusuf that the Telegraph would no longer publish him because Blair felt that he had been criticised on Yusuf’s blog.

And, if you head over to the comments sections of Free Republic and other assorted factually devoid places, you’ll see simply outstanding statements in reaction to these new facts such as this:

However, I’d still expect a guy on an environmental high-horse to have a bit more discretion, menu-wise.

Yes, because there’s no difference between eating a fish caught on a fish farm where the breeding is controlled and specially monitored solely for the point of EATING IT, (you know, like we do with chickens and cattle) and a fish caught in the ocean where the breeding in not controlled and the species is over fished and is considered to be endangered.

Good logic that.

And, this nonsense propaganda movement continues, this time the genius at Little Green Footballs goes after Kirsten Dunst for wearing a Kaffyeh. The good folks over at Poor Man put this one to bed.

It’s just patently stupid. But, when you’re team is the biggest loser in a generation… it’s the little things that make you happy. Facts schmacts. The important thing is that this story will be swallowed whole by the wingnut faithful. And, repeated ad nauseum as gospel. One more false reason to hate, one amongst many.

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