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  • Thanks to Noelle Belle over at Crooks and Liars for the link to one of my yarns. C&L does the good work so people like you and I can wake up and drink our coffee knowing that truth does indeed have a heartbeat and a nice dance floor on which to spread out and trip the night fantastic.
  • Speaking of Crooks & Liars (the blog) and crooks and liars (amongst us): Impeach Gonzales.
  • Treasonous Traitorous Tatas.
  • RU Sirius at 10 Zen Monkeys writes:

    An explosive new book by David Talbot, Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, examines the hostility that existed between the Kennedy brothers and their own military, intelligence and enforcement agencies during the JFK administration in the early 1960s. The book also reveals that Robert Kennedy, who was Attorney General during his brother’s presidency, believed that JFK was killed by an insider conspiracy of powerful players who didn’t like some of the president’s actions.

    It underscores a troubling lesson we seem to never learn: that within all power structures, and certainly within Presidential Administrations, there are often struggles for domination, competing agendas, and subterfuge. Policies and military actions can veer in dangerous directions that have little to do with normal democratic processes.

    An extremely salient point. Especially since we are in the middle of such a struggle for domination now. There’s a reason members of the Bush Administration and their fanboys in the media and the blogsphere have been so comfortable accusing anyone who doesn’t believe as they believe or do as they do of being traitors.

    Go read the rest of the post, which includes an interview with Talbot.

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