Jakeneck R.I.P…. Next up…

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After some considered thought on the obvious, it was decided to finally lay the Neck down quietly. It wasn’t a difficult decision.

I’ve been a part of a number of really fantastic communities since the early 90’s, and they often morph and burn out. Jakeneck was initially Mobius’ idea and a place for he and his friends to convene and talk about the world and the things in it. And, it was for a time, great.

But, things fall apart. It’s the nature of all structures, even an online community. For about five years, from 1995 to 2000, I was part of an AOL community known as the Hollywood Cafe. It was a chatroom hidden inside a somewhat defunct and relatively difficult to find Keyword and the room was frequented by film industry types- actors, directors, writers, shooters, producers, agents and wannabees. It was the place where the definition of “snarky” was defined. Hell, the “Dorks” invented it. It was the meanest, funniest and most fun place I’ve ever known on the internet. It was absolutely addictive. It was irreverant and it was nasty. And, eventually, it died out, the victim of a number of disagreements and the fact that the Time Warner takeover of AOL meant that a number of places hidden on the servers, such as the Hollywood Cafe, were slowly eliminated. Truth be told, it went on a bit too long anyway. It became a frustrating parody of itself. But, it was filled with stars for a time.

And, I consider Jakeneck to be as great an experience, if not greater, for it was about the real world, real people and real problems.

I’ll miss the Neck, but am eager to see what will inevitably rise from the community of the internet to take its place…

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