Terrorism as Political Fodder

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Mixed messages are the spin doctor’s best friend. Keep an issue veiled in confusion, and the truth is harder to discern and harder to get out there as a cohesive bit of information. But, eventually, such spun messages lead to confusion and mistrust. The problem for the Bush White House is they want it both ways, they want to be impervious to it all, and thus the falling poll numbers.

The truth is, they can not say we are safer from terrorism because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while at the same time claiming that another terror attack on US soil is inevitable, which would mean, to any sane person, that we are not safer.

The mixed message is a result of the Bush camps desire to be on both sides of the issue. If another terror attack does indeed occur, they want all the bases covered.

They want to reap the political benefits of an attack -the natural reaction of the people rallying around their leader, while at the same time deflecting any real responsibility for that attack occurring on their watch. And, if a terror attack does not occur, they want to get the credit for that too.

The disinfo tactic is three pronged and uses a very wide brush to cover as much canvas as possible: First, continually leak unspecific information that hints that an attack is possible, especially around important events such as the election in 2004. Second, at the same time, continually blame others for 9/11. Clinton is the usual target, and it goes without saying that he is partically to blame, but you get right-wing bonus points if you blame “all liberals” for 9/11.

Third, the coup de gras, make any and all criticism of the current Adminstration and President appear as unpatriotic and un-American. You get fascist extra bonus points if you state that “liberalism is unpatriotic.” (For those who can’t get enough, an extra dose of right-wing hatred against liberals is here.) And, you get sprinkles on top if you call the media unpatriotic.

Always remember, fascists (call them what they are) paint with the widest brush possible. In their narrow view of the world, anyone who opposes them is an enemy of the state. Never forget that. The thing is, such coniving tactics eventually invites blowback.

So, what’s the moral of the story? They don’t have a damn clue what is going to happen. But, when it does happen, it wasn’t their fault, or if nothing happens, they get the credit. Either way, if you criticize them for it, you’re a fucking pinko.

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