George Carlin defines the First Amendment

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George goes onto the next. Here’s one of his best known routines. The 7 words you can’t say on TV. Thanks George:

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the elitist menace among us

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Ridicule is the best weapon.

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giving the finger properly like a good American

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Not to beat a dead horse, but to beat a dead horse, I’m still not sure why so many dim bulbs got upset about Obama not actually flipping the finger but thinking he did.

Flipping the bird is as American as Mom, apple pie, Hell’s Angels, Fruit Loops and serial killers. My complaint is that if Obama really did hoist a digit at Hillary, it was friggin’ lame.

Here’s a sample of how to properly tell people to go fuck themselves without actually saying a word.

If you’re preznit, you have to give the bird whilst also distracting people from it, lest you look undignified, or are mistaken for a common person. Holding a cute lap dog is a good way.

Another good way of flipping the bird is to do it while walking away, like you are waving, but with that extra twist that says: “gent bent jag off!” I’m partial to the behind the back digit wave (it’s all in the wrist) but this works too:

The thing about being a cartoon character is that you can flip the bird, and no one cares. Cause no one expects a cartoon character to be important, or smart, or president of the most powerful nation on the planet.

And, it’s no easy task giving the finger when you have only one.

Think about that for awhile.

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grass roots

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the fabulous furry freak brothers movie is on the way. love it. one of my all time fav comics. it’ll be stop animation, like Wallace and Gromit. here’s a test trailer:

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fugu tuesday

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Syncronicity is the oddest thing… this morning a friend sends me a link to a clip from a classic Simpson’s episode. The one where Homer eats fugu, poisonous blowfish at a sushi restaurant. Just an hour ago, I went and got my haircut and the young Japanese stylist and I were talking and (without any prompting) she told me that her father was a chef in Tokyo and his specialty was fugu. If it were anything but fugu, I’d toss it off as coincidence… funny. Order amongst the chaos…

Anyway, here’s the clip. Enjoy:


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ciao tucker and other stuff for a monday

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  • Why it took MSNBC so long to cancel Tucker Carlson is a mystery. His ratings have been bottom barrel consistently since launch and Carlson managed by sheer force of arrogance, personality and intellectual flatulence to produce one of the most routinely mundane, prosaic and mendacious shows on the air. Not to mention that he openly supprted terror and proffered a general perspective towards the free press that can be best described as totalitarian. Jon Stewart was right.
  • Bill Maher notes that it would be impossible for George W. Bush to be in any way behind the 9/11 plot for the simple fact that Bush is a moron. But, of course, all good plots need a fool. Just sayin’.
  • Glenn Greenwald links to fellow former Jakeneck grad Julian Sanchez’s excellent analysis and “dissection” of the GOP talking points regarding the FISA issue. Really essential reading…
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    more mormon mania

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    This picture of Mitt Romney’s five sons got me thinking about some New Rules. (with apologies to Bill Maher, who is out with a bad case of Writer’s Strike.)

    New rule: If you are white, upper middle class and Mormon, you don’t get to “throw up” like you are a gangsta thug and have people think you are a dog. Especially when you are wearing a vest with no shirt or a fanny pack. It doesn’t make you a rebel, it makes you a tool. Just ask K Fed.

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    mitt meets manson

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    Tbogg noticed the similarity between the Mittboys new choice of t-shirt with dad’s puss on it, and thought it resembled the popular Che Guevera design.

    But, my first reaction was a bit different. This is what came to mind:

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    dumberness as art form

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    Whenever I want to find out what the current lies on a given topic might be, I head on over to the house that inbreeding built. And, it would seem, so do others. Just like McDonald’s, ‘ol Bob Owens can be counted upon to provide a consistent product. And, for those of us who crave it, Supersize just won’t do.

    And, here’s some extra credit for those in need of the backstory on one of Gomer Owens favorite topics.

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    quote of the day

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    Bill O’Reilly: [Daily Kos is] like the Ku Klux Klan. It’s like the Nazi party.

    Stephen Colbert: Exactly! The Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis were both notorious for allowing people to express unpopular views in an open and free forum. The Colbert Report

    (c/o Bill in Portland Maine at Daily Kos)

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    Marijuana Lesson No. 1

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    Learn to say: “Man, I’m really stoned!” Don’t call the cops cause you can’t handle your shit. Especially if you are a cop. Pretty hilarious. (c/o Glebous)

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    lord of the peeps…

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    Via SkippyLord of the Peeps. Happy Easter!

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    Happy Easter

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    Glebous gets credit for this one. I am but the messenger.

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    Kermit goes grunge

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    Sad Kermit sings “Hurt”. This made me laugh hard. I know more than a few people who actually embrace that self destructive, posing “hurt myself” attitude and it has always annoyed me a good deal. I’ve never agreed with it. (Although, I admit to dabbling in it to a certain degree. Who hasn’t.)

    It’s not part of the punk mentality that I experienced in the 80’s. The downer grunge scene was much more self absorbed and fake. When you did see such things expressed in punk, it was usually expressed by the more fringe elements of the skinheads, mostly right wing. Body art and piercing has been interpreted by some as being self inflicted pain, but it’s not the case usually.

    Sure, life can suck, but life is great too. Ying yang baby. What are you going to do about it? Burn circles in your arms with a hot hash pipe? I understand the strong allure of addiction and chemical abuse. Been there. It’s a form of hurting oneself. But, eventually, you have to live or die. Which is it going to be?

    So, obsessing on the pain, in a poser arty way, has always been useless to me. It’s akin to obsessing about dying, or obsessing about committing suicide but not really doing it. Trying to feel alive by inflicting pain-a response. It goes nowhere in the end. It’s hanging onto only one facet of existence to the detriment of the equally as important opposite aspect. An endless loop of self absorption. In the end, you either live, or you die like Layne Staley. or Kurt Cobain. What a waste, cause they had so much more to say, and do. And, this video pretty much sums it up. Enjoy. (c/o Mobius )

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    webuzz – so obvious it hurts

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  • White House aide says that Cheney’s office is “out of control”. Really? Huh. And, someone should tell Dick in no uncertain terms that he lost the war. It was Cheney’s War. It was Cheney’s plan. It was Cheney’s to win or lose. He lost. Stop the whining, take your lumps fat boy.
  • When dealing with possible “enemies of the state” (guilty or innocent) Jonathan Turley says that the Bush Administration is out of control and…

    …has been almost pathological in trying to find ways to keep these people from ever seeing a real judge or a real lawyer […] It seems likely now that the president may have not only known about the torture program, but may have ordered it […] That would be truly otherwordly, where the United States could be accused of running a torture program.

    Which seems rather unAmerican if you ask me. But, I’m just a dirty hippie unhinged liberal traitor person with common sense.

    It would appear that since the demise of the Soviet Union the right wing plan to ensure American power as the sole super power means that we simply adapt the Soviet legal model. Government that rules by fear will find itself very much alone in the world. As we are witnessing unfold.

  • Once again, another Conservative attempts to define Liberalism, say it’s dead and that we “angry”. It’s more nuanced than that of course… Carpetbagger does an excellent roundup on it.
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