lessons in idiocy: how to lose a finger and get patched up for free

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Via Tbogg

Apparently, a guy named William Rice had his finger bit off by a pro-health care protester. It’s gross and idiotic obviously. It went down like a bad comedy sketch.

What struck me was Rice’s comment: (emphasis added)

Although he did not plan to protest Wednesday, Rice said, he’s opposed to government involvement in general, except for mail service and the military.

“It doesn’t have any business in anybody’s healthcare,” he said.

Rice acknowledged he used the Medicare he gets as a senior when he went to the hospital Wednesday. He said it was the first time he used the program, to which he remains adamantly opposed.

If I had any other options, I would not have used it, even though I pay for it,” he said.

Shorter: William Rice uses medicare because he has no other options, but wouldn’t if he had another option! Wow.Think about that. Mull it around in your mouth like a fine wine:

Rice is enrolled in medicare which takes care of his health care needs – since he obviously can’t afford to pay into the corporate insurance system or is uninsured because of health reasons – thus, it can be deduced that he has no other health care options, and yet he  still says he doesn’t want medicare, YET will use it!

The word hypocrisy is beginning to lose all meaning. Stupidity on the other hand is doing quite well.

This is what it’s come down to: Ideology trumps everything else. Nothing survives the black hole that has become conservative ideology.

We’re in big trouble.

Update: Skippy has a link to an eye witness account of the “scuffle” that led to the finger incident. Skip notes:

as jesse @ pandagon points out, the hardly-ever-right wing is already spinning this to make it sound like moveon was looking for trouble and ready for blood.

but the truth is far from that. the anti-reform guy (who, ironically, is on medicare and is having his finger-re-attachment surgery paid for by the us gummint) is the guy that started trouble. the anti-reform guy is the guy who threw the first punch. the anti-reform guy is the guy that kept getting in people’s faces. the anti-reform guy is the guy who continued the screaming when the other guy was down on the ground.

the anti-reform guy is the guy who picked a fight. and lost.

moral of the story: don’t start something you can’t finish.

Pretty much nuff said.

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