webuzz: the cheney vs obama game

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Conservatives think that backing a losing horse is going to win them fans….

  • Were Obama And Chavez All Handshakes And Smiles?“Prediction: The controversy was fun for the GOP’s talk radio political culture base but polls will likely show the vast majority of Americans won’t be upset at Obama. Which raises a serious, ongoing problem for the GOP: Did you ever hear the story about the boy who cried “Wolf”?”
  • No, obviously they have not.

  • OBAMA VS. CHENEY: White House Blinks. – Misguided conservatives actually think it’s a horse race…
  • Politico v. Reality – Round 897 – Some facts for the GOP challenged: “…let’s pretend this is some sort of face-off between equals; the President of the United States delivering a major policy address versus the most unpopular former Vice President in history promoting his failed policies to a roomful of acolytes at a conservative think tank luncheon.”
  • Cheney hits Obama on handshake
  • So, when does Cheney’s sell serving behavior become out and out undermining of a sitting US president? Obama can handle it easily, but it does raise the question… especially since Cheney’s motives are deeply compromised

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