election day: truth and shenangians

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Am off to vote very soon, and will write a short report on that, but wanted to address a few issues for the record.

The word of the day for the next few years will be “legitimacy”, as the ideological right wing bottom feeders who’ve been in power the past seven and a half years, overseeing the debacle that is their deceptive and pathetic response to 9/11 (from Iraq to Afghanistan to the TSA), the abomination that was their reaction to Hurricane Katrina, the politicization of national security and Constitutional rights and law, the over deregulation of the financial industry, the corruption, the bankruptcy of the American economic system and in the coup de grace: the McPalin campaign, likely the most ineptly run in history, and the most egregiously negative. Nake no bones about it:

They will make an attempt to establish that Barack Obama’s presidency is not legitimate. It will be the right wing clarion call.

Let it be said here and now that the right wing extremists will place their hatred and ideology before the public good, before properly thought out and intelligent debate, policy and solutions. Let it be said here and now that we shall see the right wing extremists of this nation publicly attempt to destroy and make movements to sabotage any and all forward movement in regard to any policy that comes from an Obama Administration. You think the Clinton years were fraught with acrimony and hate from the right? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

All for the sake of their precious conservative egos and ideological inner processors which has no off switch. In their view there is no such thing as a good idea or a logical plan of attack if it is not cut from their right wing extremeist ideological cloth. Unfortunately, they simply have an old list of tried and true gimmicks that simply do not work anymore. And, they will cling to it like a cat in a bathtub clinging to your arm.

Gratefully, most American’s have seen through the nonsense.

Yesterday, David Neweirt wrote a prescient post on this over at Crooks and Liars. An excerpt:

Facts don’t matter to people like the Putz and Fund, though. They’re only interested in propagating right-wing bullshit. These guys are setting the table for after Tuesday.

We can count, I’m sure, on four years of hearing how Obama stole this election. After all, the one thing they can’t stand is to admit they actually got their asses kicked.

Read the entire post.

And, like clockwork, this AM, what do we see on Election Day? Right wing blogs are already claiming voter fraud, handled so ineptly that even Fox News can’t support the story. Yup.

(Christy Hardin Smith over at Campaign Silo nails it.)

It has begun. Note how they employ the guilt by association tactic, coupled with generality, (that is: if it’s going on in one place, the entire election is suspect.) Get your druthers on. And go vote!

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