the first Obama and McCain debate

Posted by on Sep 28, 2008 in election 2008 | 1 comment

Right wing propaganda troll Drudge and his droogs think that McCain won the debate, (and McCain’s victory was announced before the debate began and before it was even known if McCain would attend) yet polls say otherwise. So does a Fox focus group run by GOP turd Frank Luntz. So much for a McCain win, preordained or not.

IMHO, McCain came off mean spirited, clueless, repetitive, arrogant and condescending towards Obama. The entire “Obama doesn’t understand” routine was just sad and dumb. Because it was very clear that Obama did indeed understand. It was indeed mean versus lean.

Obama could have been stronger, but it was interesting to see him pound away at McCain and the old geezer’s reaction, trying not to explode. And, McCain’s not being able to even look at Obama? Wow. It all adds up in the minds of voters.

The next debate will be the double punch. The third the knock out. Watch.

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