Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Posted by on Feb 2, 2008 in blogosphere | 2 comments

I’m a little late but better than never…

Yes, tis Blogroll Amnesty Day, which means that today we celebrate all the small blogs (like this one) that aren’t on the blogrolls of the larger blogs anymore, for the day of the great purge came and went. Not that blogs like this one got much traffic from them, but it was nice to get a little note in your box now and then saying “I found you via…” wasn’t it?

Jon Swift has a fantastic roundup of all the blogs participating, and here are some links to blogs that I read that may be off the beaten path or not linked to very much or simply friend’s places I like and want to promote on this day.

The Wacky World of Food
Orthodox Anarchist
Justin Ligreci
Rebecca Blood
Julian Sanchez

Also, I’m adding a new link area to the right titled “B.A.D.” which contains all the links of participants (lifted from Jon Swift’s post) and my links for Blog Amnesty Day. Look for it and click on some new blogs. There is some truly wonderful work going on out there.

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