ballad of a wingnut

Posted by on Feb 5, 2008 in blogosphere, eliminationist, extremism | 2 comments

Whenever I want to know the spin and disinformation of the day that is clogging up the infobahn, I head on over to a few places that are tried and true bastions of uberidiocy, home to the canard breathing boneheads who practice a form of black arts genius navel gazing and intellectual flatulence that passes as cogent thought and problem solving in the halowed halls of Wingnuttia. And, one of those fav places is Connecticut Yankee. Cause, ol’ CY never met a nut he didn’t want to suck the life out of and then try to pass onto the waiting world as a pearl simply by virtue of it having his teeth marks on it.

Tbogg finds a beaut that proves that CY probably either 1) Reads every other word as taught to him in the Evelyn Wood Reading Class, or 2) Just makes stuff up.

Considering this type of nonsense is simply the tip of the boot licking, grill destroying iceberg… there will be more fun and games in teh future no doubt. Waiting with baited something…

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