make that monkey tail twitch

Posted by on Jan 19, 2008 in consorship, corporatism, eliminationist, extremism, fascism, katrina, media | 0 comments

Paranoia is meant to be managed, and knowledge helps maintain a healthy perspective on paranoia inducing information…. some links to kick start your heart this cold day.

  • Facebook’s onwers aren’t necessarily who you think. My feeling on this is simple: I don’t care who knows what I think. It’s out there. But, personal information should be personal, so be careful what information you make available. Common sense.
  • The corporation that can monitor peoples biological and emotional responses for it’s own use is the stuff of science fiction, or is it?
  • Not that any thinking person needs to have further evidence that Jonah Goldberg is a twit, (old news) but Dave Niewert does a fine job of making that point whilst also educating about Leo Frank. A must read.
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