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Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend made an appearance on CNN yesterday and it was stellar.

Truth be told, yours truly has mixed feelings on bloggers appearing as pundits. To my mind, the TV format has real deficiencies compared to the blogging format. It may be live video compared to textual post and comments, but when you compare how information comes out and how it’s dealt with, blogging wins. I see the value of bloggers on TV, but also the pitfalls. TV is really an imperfect medium for the conveyance of real information and discussion. Well, actually, it’s become an imperfect medium for information. There was a time when it was a bit more balanced in presentation. But, hype, commercialism, and polarization has stepped in. Upon a time, one might see Gore Vidal on The Tonight Show one night and Barry Goldwater the next, and they talked about issues, not about their new tattoo.

Obviously, the host on a TV show gets to dictate what is discussed and set the tone, and because commercials are inevitably more important than actually finishing a discussion, incorrect statements will go unresolved. (I’m assuming some basic liberal blog rules here: no moderation of comments for starters.) Read Pam’s post (and the comments) linked above for an example of that in progress.

Blogging picks up where TV drops the ball, and TV is trying to adapt, but it’s still glaringly apparent how static and rigid the TV format is… yet, it’s still the dominant force in many ways. Alas…

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