something for nothing not science fiction for Harlan Ellison

Posted by on Nov 20, 2007 in corporatism, economics, media, television, video | 0 comments

From the Brian Leher Show’s Video Picks on WNYC, Harlan Ellison rants righteously on how so many of the big media corporations are perfectly willing to ask people for free access to all kinds of content – in this instance an interview with the famed writer to be put on a DVD – for zero compensation. Something for nothing.

It’s a situation that stymies the production end as well, especially in the blossoming area of web content. There are a lot of people creating content for the web for little or no compensation, that content is uploaded to Google or YouTube and they utilize it without any real accounting done as to how much profit they make from specific videos they air. It’s a racket all around, which will hopefully get ironed out as more people become wise to the ruse. (There’s also some additional goodies in the video. Enjoy.)

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