chickens, roost, Iraq and reality

Posted by on Oct 4, 2007 in GWOT, Iran, Iraq war | 0 comments

While nearly everyone was falling into the pit of snakes that was The Petraeus Ruse, the facts were quietly and diligently marching on… the news was not good.

And, no one seemed to notice that acclaimed Iraqi blogger Riverbend of Baghdad Burning announced that she and her family were leaving Iraq for reasons she is best suited to explain.

After all that has gone down stateside in the past month – the surge is working, the surge isn’t working – the reality of what is going on “over there” says it all.

And, does anyone remember Afghanistan? It’s up against the wall..

Yet, there are those who want the US to attack Iran. (Well, what it comes down to is they are not going to be the ones in danger now are they? No. They. Are. Not.)

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