Rudy Giuliani profits from National Tragedy

Posted by on Sep 13, 2007 in election 2008 | 0 comments

Rudy Giuliani will likely be the GOP nominee for president. He’s arrogant, “tough” talking (with little real sacrifice), he says what conservatives want to hear (even if his past record contradicts), he lets forth with righteous indignation upon all things not conservative, and he is the symbol, in the eyes of many of those not from NYC, of American resoluteness. In other words, he’s the perfect conservative stooge to replace the current stooge. The transition would be almost unnoticeable. Fortunately, the truth is a bit more specific.

As a New Yorker who lived through 9/11, it was nice to see someone (anyone) talking to us those first few horrific hours about what was going on. While Bush was running to the rabbit hole of a secure bunker in Omaha, Giuliani was down on Vesey Street trying looking shocked, dusty but he was there. But, Rudy lost my support shorter thereafter when he decided that 9/11 was his personal badge of honor to wear in the political ring. He really stole Bush’s thunder if you think about it. Not an easy task considering the Bush stood on a mound of crushed metal, plastic and human remains and claimed that those who did this will soon pay. A promise, like all campaign promises, that was not met. Rudy has also made millions from the tragedy of that day. Food for thought.

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