chinese apocalypse

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A few reasons to start pricing out beach front property in Ecaudor. (It’s pretty cheap actually.)

  • David at Ornicus gives a heads up on the goofy Christian military world that looms and is given offical sanction. Goofy and totally friggin’ scary.
  • Think the price of gasoline is a pain in the neck? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Imagine a world where that US dollar in your pocket has the value if a third world currency, comparable to… Ecuador for example. Not out of the question.
  • Over at Balloon Juice, John Cole lays out the asinine developments in the Beachcamp Affair. Mental masturbation as professional sport, and all the players are convinced they’re John Holmes. Keep in mind:
    there are the very people who will likely lead the wingnuttia media chase to annoint the GOP candidate for president. Sorta makes your monkey tail twitch, doesn’t it?
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