if the left does it – bad. if the right does it – good

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It would appear that Fox News online has seen fit to publish an AP article verbatim. So what you say?

Well, according to the ever intrepid and on top of it propaganda bozos over at Newsbusters, the AP article in question is proof of the liberal media conspiracy that “ AP Shills for MoveOn, Daily Kos Campaign Against Fox News”. It’s not possible that AP was simply reporting a story, as Fox News was…

Irony thy cut is deep. (Google cache of the Fox link, just for kicks.)

Over at the aptly named Hot Air, Bryan links to the Fox News posting of the AP story and writes:

They don’t believe in the First Amendment. Keep that in mind.

To the simple minded ideologue, it’s fascism/communism/insert boogeyman here when the left does it. But, when the right does the very same thing? It’s perfectly fine.

The following comment from a GOPUSA forum thread on this topic sums it up:

This begining to look like communism more and more every day. Getting rid of the competition so they can have a clear field.

Frightening, isn’t it? Ideology kills brain cells. There’s the proof.

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