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The following comment is from this post at Flopping Aces:

All an unannounced republican has to do is stay that way for a few more months. Shrillary will destroy the Islamic candidate and in the process destroy herself. Talk about no 08 candidate. the democrats have dug up ever dead dog they can find and as usual it’s a comedy. Even the soon dead MSM can help them this time (they all like to listen to themselves talk), running a criminal with a history back to the sticks of Ark and a radical Islamist who lies like all Islamist that he isn’t a radical or an Islamist. He is or he would be dead. Islam spent 8 years planning 9-11 and Islam has spent 30 years planning to get an Islamist in the white house and the democrats are too stupid to see what is in front of their eyes. BDS has already progressed to insanity, probably pushed on faster by the democrats heavy drug use. A socialist/communist and an Islamist are the leading democrats. ROFLMAO

The “unannounced candidate” would be Fred Thompson, “Islamic candidate” is apparently Barack Obama (even though-ahem- he’s not a Muslim.) Note how “Islam” has become an evil sentient being, with thoughts, and goals meant to destroy us all. Also, note the level of paranoia. It’s tickles your monkey tail, doesn’t it?

Ironically (and sadly), in the same comment thread, directly above was this brilliant piece of propaganda inspired pablum:

It’s simply amazing how fast and far left the democrats have turned. The do nothing democrat congress is praying for a “gotchya” sentence and/or sound bite to bring home to their nutroot base.

Remember to the Democrats, battling terrorism is a mere bumper sticker.

Marvel at the idiocy that is the base of the right wing. It’s so breathtaking as to be a thing of pure beauty. Yet, remember that these are the rabid racist and moronic dogs who would have no problem with seeing “their side” take over power for good. All in the name of “democracy” no doubt.

Monkeys with blowtorches.

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