Kermit goes grunge

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Sad Kermit sings “Hurt”. This made me laugh hard. I know more than a few people who actually embrace that self destructive, posing “hurt myself” attitude and it has always annoyed me a good deal. I’ve never agreed with it. (Although, I admit to dabbling in it to a certain degree. Who hasn’t.)

It’s not part of the punk mentality that I experienced in the 80’s. The downer grunge scene was much more self absorbed and fake. When you did see such things expressed in punk, it was usually expressed by the more fringe elements of the skinheads, mostly right wing. Body art and piercing has been interpreted by some as being self inflicted pain, but it’s not the case usually.

Sure, life can suck, but life is great too. Ying yang baby. What are you going to do about it? Burn circles in your arms with a hot hash pipe? I understand the strong allure of addiction and chemical abuse. Been there. It’s a form of hurting oneself. But, eventually, you have to live or die. Which is it going to be?

So, obsessing on the pain, in a poser arty way, has always been useless to me. It’s akin to obsessing about dying, or obsessing about committing suicide but not really doing it. Trying to feel alive by inflicting pain-a response. It goes nowhere in the end. It’s hanging onto only one facet of existence to the detriment of the equally as important opposite aspect. An endless loop of self absorption. In the end, you either live, or you die like Layne Staley. or Kurt Cobain. What a waste, cause they had so much more to say, and do. And, this video pretty much sums it up. Enjoy. (c/o Mobius )

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