The "No Duh!" Files

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Apparently it takes a study to determine what I certainly knew at 14, what a certain 13 year old rocker grrrl I know definitely knows and every teen who knows the lyrics to War Pigs knows:

Iintelligent teenagers often listen to heavy metal music to cope with the pressures associated with being talented, according to research.

The results of a study of more than 1,000 of the brightest five per cent of young people will come as relief to parents whose offspring, usually long-haired, are devotees of Iron Maiden, AC/DC and their musical descendants.

Researchers found that, far from being a sign of delinquency and poor academic ability, many adolescent “metalheads” are extremely bright and often use the music to help them deal with the stresses and strains of being gifted social outsiders.

This is for all those teenagers, past and present, who listened to metal for reasons other than cause they wanted to be cool. You know who you are…

That’s Bon Scott, the original lead singer. And, check out the banjo style guitar solo that Angus rips out of his SG through a stack of Marshall’s. Nice.

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