webuzz – catching up with links

Posted by on Sep 30, 2006 in music, politics, psychedelia, television | 2 comments

It was a very busy week, so posting was scant. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been reading…

  • CBGB’s is going to close. And, while I am all for change, it makes me sad. (And, the thought of it being turned into some type of Vegas museum/club makes my stomach hurt.) It’s part of my past, and it’s a special place. Lenny Kaye did a great piece for the Village Voice that says it all. Maybe I’ll go to one of the final shows… Patti Smith would be cool.
  • Article on Daniel Pinchbeck in Rolling Stone.
  • The Jesus Factor, the documentary from the Frontline series on George W. Bush’s Christian conversion and it’s affect upon the presidency is now online.
  • Thought Theater has Tortureland and a discussion about religion and Christianity from Real Time with Bill Maher. (c/o Avedon)
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